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What can an inspector tell me about a home?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Real Estate Law

First-time home buyers can greatly benefit from hiring a home inspector. A home inspector can examine a home and find major issues that may need to be addressed between the buyer and seller. The buyer can negotiate the price of a home with a seller to make repairs to the home.

There are many issues that an inspector can find in a home, including:

Does the roof need repairs?

Issues with a roof can lead to many problems for a home. If a roof lacks maintenance and repairs, it may be exposed to weathering. Weathering can lead to holes and leaks. This can lead to water damage, foundational damage and pest infestations. Furthermore, homes with brick chimneys may need a careful inspection. Loose bricks could lead to liability issues and may also expose the home to vermin and insects. 

Home inspectors will not typically climb on top of a roof. However, the inspector may use drones to take pictures and video of the roof to make a proper investigation. 

Was there water damage to the walls, floors and basement?

Water damage in a home can lead to mold, which can be hazardous for families and pets. The inspector could find water damage in the walls, floors and basements. This can happen in a few ways, such as if the home is prone to flooding during storms or if a leak was never properly fixed. 

How safe is the wiring?

Inspectors often make close examinations of wiring. Any exposed or live wires could be dangerous. Another issue an inspector may find is if the wiring was done without trained services. Do-it-yourself (DIY) electrical repairs can lead to house fires. 

Having assistance from a home inspector is — by itself — not enough to make a safe house purchase. It’s always wisest to reach out for legal guidance before you make what could be one of the most important purchases of your life.