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Help With Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Commercial tenancy issues often arise from a lack of understanding of the terms of the lease. Yet, poring over endless pages of a commercial lease agreement can be a daunting task.

The Jorgensen Law Firm, LLC works closely with clients to help parties entering into a commercial tenancy agreement understand the terms of the lease completely, often helping them avoid disputes and costly litigation.

Working With Commercial Tenants

Our firm represents businesses in a broad range of commercial leasing matters. We have successfully negotiated lease terms for commercial space, office complexes, retail units and industrial compounds. We also work with companies wishing to sublet space, assisting in the drafting and negotiation of sublease agreements.

Our primary concern, however, is in ensuring that our clients are fully educated about the terms that are often deeply embedded in their commercial lease.

After a meticulous review of the proposed lease we discuss the terms with our clients, apprising them of potential problems or pitfalls and, when necessary, employ strong negotiation techniques in order to arrive at an agreement that is acceptable to all parties involved.

Advising Lessors

For owners of commercial structures, we assist in the drafting of commercial leases and prepare leasehold mortgages and document sale-leaseback transactions.

The Jorgensen Law Firm, LLC, also acts on behalf of commercial landlords whose tenants want to negotiate architectural and construction contracts for leasehold improvements to the property. In everything, we aim to maximize revenue and help landlords maintain control.

Our leasing services also include the prosecution and defense of various landlord-tenant actions including summary process evictions and security deposit claims.

Contact The Firm

Call our Hartford office at 860-856-8397 or contact us online for assistance from our commercial leasing practice.