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Why you should hire a home inspector

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Real Estate Law

Are you looking to buy your first home? Then you shouldn’t jump on the first home that crosses your path. Otherwise, you could end up buying a home you regret and later pay for massive repairs.

Instead, as any experienced home buyer knows, you should hire a home inspector. Home inspectors are often qualified to evaluate homes and point out issues or defects that may cause problems for buyers. This way, when you go to purchase a home, you’re buying something that doesn’t have major flaws and isn’t marked up beyond a home’s true value.

What does a home inspector look for? Here’s what you should know:

Missing shingles and roof leaks

Most home inspectors won’t climb onto a roof to evaluate its integrity. Instead, home inspectors will often look for a few signs that the roof may be damaged. 

The most obvious sign of a roofing issue is if it’s distorted or bulging. This could mean that the frame of a roof is rotted, which can be another sign that there was a major leak or weathering. Another subtle sign of a leaky roof is if there are missing shingles or moss. Finally, an inspector may examine the attic or upper floors for water damage that was caused by leaks.

Wall cracks and water damage

Many basements have water problems, excessively for older homes. An inspector may notice early signs of basement wear or water damage. An obvious sign that there’s water damage in a basement is if the wall or floor has different tones of colors or if the basement smells musty. 

Your home inspector may evaluate everything from asbestos in the walls, broken pools or fountains, live wires or bug problems. Once an inspector finishes their job, if they find any issues, you should ensure you know your legal rights when buying your first home.