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3 mistakes to avoid when selling your Connecticut home

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Real Estate Law

You love your beautiful house, but your growing family needs more room. Since your home is well-kept and attractive, you feel sure it will sell right away – and at the price you want.

Most first-time sellers feel the same way about their property, but believing your home will sell easily merely because you love it is unrealistic. One of the most detrimental mistakes home sellers make, is allowing emotion to influence their real estate decisions. Unfortunately, it isn’t the only error to avoid.

Failure to stage

First impressions are much more critical than most people believe. Your home will not attract buyers if it is cluttered or needs a deep cleaning. You don’t have to spend a ton to boost your home’s appeal. Often, just ensuring everything is clean, homey and inviting can make a huge difference to buyers.

Asking too much

Sure, your home is lovely and in good condition, but no one ever expects to pay the asking price. Buyers anticipate a period of negotiations before reaching a deal or moving on to the next house on their shortlist. Be prepared to have your initial price point rejected, or you will find it hard to sell the property.

Not educating yourself

Failing to equip yourself with accurate knowledge can lead to poor decisions when selling or buying a home. Take some time to learn about the current trends in your local real estate market before you set your asking price. 

Since each state has unique residential real estate laws, familiarization with those in Connecticut helps you avoid these and other mistakes.