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Do you actually need a lawyer to buy a house? 

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Real Estate Law

You bought your first home in another state, such as Michigan, where you were pretty much free to do as much as you wanted. You didn’t even need a real estate agent, much less a lawyer. Even the legal title transfer process, while done at an office with a notary, was something you could attend alone. 

Then you got a job offer in Connecticut. You sold your home in Michigan and started looking for a new one near your new place of employment. Should you expect the same process you went through before, or do you now need to get an attorney? 

All states have their own laws when it comes to real estate deals

It’s very important for people who are crossing state lines not to assume that the rules and regulations are the same everywhere. Each state can set its own laws. Some require attorneys and others do not — though you always have the option to retain an attorney, even in states where it is not required. 

In Connecticut, you will likely need to have proper representation. The laws are much more strict, especially when it comes to things like title insurance and the transfer of property. This is generally not something you should expect to do yourself, and making that sort of assumption could cause issues as you try to get a new house. 

Since you already have a job lined up and need to move quickly, these are issues you certainly want to avoid. Be sure you know exactly what legal steps you’re going to need to take to protect your future and your finances.