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Do you have to use a real-estate attorney in Connecticut when you buy property?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Real Estate Law

In Connecticut, an attorney should be present and actively involved in any real estate transaction that takes place. This is required by law for a couple of reasons. The first is that it helps protect the buyer and seller against litigation by making sure all laws are followed. The second is that the attorney can prepare documentation that meets the requirements of the law. They can assist with title issues as well as any other concerns between the parties. 

Attorneys are required to participate in a transaction when any closing involves title insurance. This may be a requirement of a mortgagee or lender prior to allowing a mortgage or loan to close. Attorneys also know how to draft legal documents and provide counsel on the laws that may affect a case. 

What will your real-estate attorney do during the home-buying or closing process?

Your attorney’s job is to review all documents associated with your real estate deal and to do their “due diligence” in making sure you have a clear title. They will also make sure that the home or loan you’re seeking is not misrepresented in any of the purchasing documents. 

If issues do arise, then your attorney will work to help you resolve them, so you can continue on with the closing. If the property is no longer acceptable for any reason, your attorney can help you understand the implications of choosing to withdraw your offer. 

Our website has more on using a real-estate attorney in Connecticut and why you will want to have one to help you from the start of your property search. Good legal knowledge can protect your best interests.