Hartford, Connecticut, Commercial Litigation Attorney

The Jorgensen Law Firm, LLC proves assistance that goes beyond merely drafting documents and performing other transactional duties. If you or your business becomes embroiled in a dispute for which there seems no alternative but going to court, our experienced litigation attorney can provide you with straightforward counsel, cost-effective alternatives and solid representation.

To expand our capacity and capabilities, we proudly partner with some of the region's prominent larger law firms in connection with matters that require expanded staffing and/or resources. Through these strategic partnering relationships we are able to prosecute and defend complex lawsuits in a variety of specialized areas.

We also encourage our clients to take advantage of arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution mechanisms designed to lessen the cost of litigation. Our litigation philosophy is simple; avoid it and, if that is not possible, be proactive. In situations were litigation can not be avoided, we work closely with our clients to craft and develop a litigation strategy that is cost-effective and practical. Our philosophy of avoidance should not be construed as a soft approach; we never counsel a client to accept an unsatisfactory compromise, we will vigorously pursue a claim to the fullest extent possible.

Commercial Litigation

The work we perform at the Jorgensen Law Firm, LLC for our corporate clients is designed to minimize dispute and obviate the need for litigation. Situations, however, do arise that require trial experience. Tony Jorgensen has successfully litigated a number of commercial disputes including the following:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Business torts
  • Environmental claims
  • Financing disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Real estate disputes

We also represent municipalities in foreclosures and personal injury cases involving sidewalk defects, motor vehicle accidents and premises liability claims. We serve our clients by exploring cost-effective alternatives to going to trial including alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and mediation.

Pricing Issues

The Jorgensen Law Firm, LLC offers flexible pricing plans including hourly, flat and blended fee arrangements for our general and commercial litigation clients. Our goal is provide effective representation at reasonable rates.

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